June 14, 2024 | Subtitle

TANZPAKT in residence: Tran Xuan Nam

Tran Xuan Nam began his residency at Taupunkt/der Off-Bühne Komplex at the beginning of January. The residency took place as part of the "TANZPAKT in residence" programme, initiated by the Villa Wigman Association for Dance and TanzNetzDresden. The programme provides dance professionals from Saxony with time and space to create sustainable structures for the development of the dance scene. Nam divided his residency into two blocks, the second of which has now been completed. He also offered a workshop in hip-hop dance and presented initial insights into his research project at a show in April.

About his research project

During his residency at the Off-Bühne KOMPLEX in Chemnitz, Tran Xuan Nam explored how street and club dances, especially hip hop, can be defined differently in dance theatre in terms of aesthetics and expression. He used the themes of myths and legends and their role and influence in our everyday lives today as additional inspiration to contextualise the explored movements. Photos: Peter Rossner